Vocal Coaching

I began coaching privately in 2011 and find it incredibly rewarding and special.

It’s such a joy to meet so many interesting people of all ages, walks of life, nationalities, and experience levels; and to hear what they bring to singing. I’ve also heard some horror stories from students about other teachers and how badly they were treated. Some haven’t sung for years because the experience left such a mark on them. In my mind, those particular teachers did not love music, did not have a passion for their subject, and put their own ego before the art of singing.

It is a gift to coach other singers – by that I mean they are the gift to me! I have learned so much from students: coaching allows me to look at my own ways of working, my own practices, my own voice, in more detail. If anything falls short, as it can do despite years of experience and “knowing better”, coaching has a way of pinpointing the gaps.

Coaching makes me a better singer too and is definitely a two-way process and exploration.

I have taught all levels of singers – from absolute beginners to more experienced singers. I have taught those who went on to success and those who purely dabble, with no more ambition than to sing a song well.

I have no interest in being a “celebrity vocal coach”. I may know more than a student and have more experience but, as I have already said, I am learning from students all the time.

I have sung since I was a child and am still singing now many years later. I have not lost my love of it. I don’t teach because I can’t do (silly phrase whoever came up with it) or because I fill time with it. Sharing our gifts, our vulnerabilities, our knowledge new and old, is what it is all about. Coaching, to me, is a privilege.

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